A Purposeful & Robust Group

Our unique team is at the core of what makes Hale such an impactful place to work. We’re proud of the diversity of our staff, with each member contributing a different skillset to the programs being developed.



Chief Executive Officer

Sara Ketabi is Founder and CEO of Hale. Sara is one of selected two members of the UNICEF USA National Council of Leadership Development, designing national programs and global networks. She spearheads social entrepreneurship, global health, and global citizenship for sustainable development. Sara is a Global Board Advisor of Electus Education. She co-founded Hale to develop youth-led engineering solutions to tackle the issue of poverty/global health, and has founded edtech platforms with the support of UNESCO and the World Bank in the past as well as a data science startup. In addition, she has founded InnovaYouth, a social innovation nonprofit organization that inspires students to find their passion(s) and launch social impact initiatives through skill-building workshops,conferences, and education projects. Sara has spoken at the UNICEF Global Annual Summit on leading through the Sustainable Development Goals, UN High Level Political Forum, and will be speaking at the Women Economic Forum in these upcoming months. She’s a United Nations SDG  Honors Awardee and Noble Citizen Award Honoree, and is looking forward to upholding Hale’s values of promoting multi-sectoral collaboration for sustainable development.